Discover American Made ™

  • 100% American Made by Artisans in the United States

  • Luxurious unparalleled soft fabrics

  • Custom made for your pet by your choice of fabrics to mix and match

  • Made with hidden zipper and drawstring

  • Adjustable depth and shape

  • Machine washable/dryer friendly (please check care instructions)

  • Long lasting

  • Eco-friendly


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    Is it a bed or is it a blanket? It’s convertible! Blanket, square bed and cuddle pod all in one product. Fantastic for traveling with your pet or if you need an extra bed. At home fill your Bed-in-a-Blanket with your old shirts, towels, socks or even a pillow. Old clothes make the perfect bed stuffing as dogs love the scent of their owners, and at the same time is economic and eco-friendly. When in your hotel room you can stuff your Bed-in-a-Blanket with a pillow or towels. Simply adjust the shape of the bed by tightening the hidden drawstring. Pamper your furry friend even more by monogramming it with your pet's name or initials.


    Bed-in-a-blanket is made-to-order. Fabrics can be mixed and matched to create an unique look. Please choose one option of fabric for the Top and one for the Bottom. The ruffle is automatically added if one of the fabrics is not a shag fabric.

    disclaimer : The Fairytale and Monte Carlo fabrics can only be used on bed sizes medium or smaller.