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Bubba Bed
  • 100% American Made by Artisans in the United States

  • Luxurious unparalleled soft fabrics

  • Custom made for your pet by your choice of fabrics to mix and match

  • Easy removable cover with zipper

  • Cover is machine washable/dryer friendly (please check care instructions)

  • Water proof pillow liner

  • Filling made of eco-friendly polyfill

  • Long lasting

Bubba Bed

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A fabulous big and fluffy pillow that provides the utmost comfort for your pet. Customize it by choosing from our fantastic selection of soft fabrics, creating a unique and comfortable bed. Pamper your furry friend even more by monogramming it with your pet's name or initials.


Bubba Beds are made-to-order. Fabrics can be mixed and matched to create an unique look. Please choose one option of fabric for the Top and one for the Bottom.

disclaimer : The Fairytale and Monte Carlo fabrics can only be used on bed sizes medium or smaller.