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Care Instructions


We know that durability is an essential quality to look for when choosing a dog bed. That is why durability is one of the pillars of Bessie + Barnie, which are: American made, custom made, luxurious, durable, eco-friendly, convertible and stylish. You dream of it, we make it!

Our dog beds, crate pads, and blankets are custom made by artisans in the United States with luxurious soft fabrics, providing pets unparalleled long-lasting comfort. The convertibility of our products combining different fabrics and uses also provides pets stylish durable ways to relax. Bessie + Barnie beds are easy to assemble, to clean and all come with a durable water proof pillow liner stuffed with eco-friendly polyfill.

Our products are custom made to support pet play and digging and are pretty resistant to most active dogs. Our pet beds, crate pads, and blankets make pets and owners happy as they maintain their quality even in multiple washing and drying cycles. Please follow the washing and drying instructions below to take good care of your Bessie + Barnie product and make sure to enjoy it with your 4 legged friend!

Care Instructions

Bagel Bed, Yin Yang Bagel Bed, Bagelette Bed, Sicilian Rectangle Bed & Bubba Bed

• 1. COVER. Unzip your cover, remove the pillow, zip the cover securely and toss it in the washer in cold temperature (please use easy care washing). To dry, we recommend machine dry, air fluff, no heat.

• 2. PILLOWS Bessie + Barnie beds inserts all come with a waterproof pillow liner insulated with eco-friendly polyfill. Therefore, a wet cloth is sufficient to clean its exterior. We recommend using a dry cloth to remove the humidity before reassembling the bed again. Pillows are not machine washable. Do not wash your pillows on the washer machine otherwise you can damage it.

Bed-in- a-Blanket, Blanket, Burrow Bed, Cuddle Pod, Lily Pod, Crate Pad & Bone Pillow

  • 100 % Machine Washable
  • Machine Wash Cold
  • Tumble Air Dry, No Heat
  • Do not iron

Outdoor Fabrics

Outdoor fabrics are only hand washable. You should only use mild soap. Apply cleaning solution and clean with dry cloth.

Note: Detergents will damage the water-resistant qualities of the fabric.


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